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Shut Up & Sit Down (And Join Us At AwSHUX'21)!

  • by Christian Shelton


The Sheltonshire Games virtual booth is now live at Shut Up & Sit Down's AwSHUX'21 convention! Click on the image above to head over and watch a brief (and funny) Skate: The Card Game preview video!

Or you can join Phil Skateboards (it'll make sense in a minute...) by clicking HERE!

Note that it takes a little for the page + videos to load! Hope you enjoy and have a great time!

Remember, the event is FREEEEEEE!


Until next time,
Christian Shelton
Founder, Sheltonshire Games


P.S. The preview video is TECHNICALLY wrong about the grind mechanics. In the video, it says you can land a grind just by planting the appropriate Foot cards on a completed rail (like a regular trick).

However, you can only collect the completed rail (with the appropriate Foot cards planted) by landing the active trick. But hey, house rules welcomed -- switch it up!

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