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Learn how to play Skate: The Card Game by watching the videos below! Download the rulebook here.

An unboxing of Skate: The Card Game.

A quick "How to Play" video.

A sample playthrough + review.

A full playthrough on Tabletopia.

What people are saying

in the press & on board game geek

It is the most charming little card game you've ever seen.

Becca Scott

Easy to pick up after a round or two and it gets ADDICTING!

BGG Reviewer

Dares you to land tricks with style in a fast-paced race.


Although the card game won't replace skateboarding, the excitement comes very close.

BGG Reviewer

Visually exciting and has some interesting mechanics.


It's a casual, fun, and fast-paced, game. I want to keep playing it!

BGG Reviewer

You don't find many skateboarding tabletop games, so I'm all over this one!

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