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Sorry for getting your hopes up, but S:TCG did NOT arrive this week as hoped.

  • by Christian Shelton
While I was hesitant to believe that the game would arrive this week, I am unfortunately coming to you with egg on my face to say that my skepticism was well-based. I'm starting to wonder if the company responsible for getting Skate: The Card Game delivered from the port to Gamerati (my fulfillment partner/warehouse) was just trying to save face by giving me and Gamerati an update so we wouldn't get antsy. Or they honestly did think that it could arrive this week and we are yet again a victim of the global shipping crisis. With that being said, I'm hesitant to have any updates related to shipping until the game reaches Gamerati. I can't imagine the game is that far off from arriving if they were expecting it to arrive this week. Then again, they told us we could expect it around the end of August... Sincerely sorry, Egg-on-his-face Christian
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