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NOT in Port? New ETA?

  • by Christian Shelton

Last Thursday, I asked my fulfillment partner if they had an ETA for when Skate: The Card Game should arrive at their warehouse since I was expecting it should be soon.

The reason I thought this was because on August 25th, I received this message from them: "Carrier is showing vessel got into port today. So long as it unloads with ease, you could see it next week."

Even assuming it didn't unload with ease, I was still expecting it maybe this week at the very best.

However, I just received this conflicting information from my fulfillment partner: "The ETA has been updated to the 10th so we should see it in port this week, and hopefully in my warehouse by next week!"

Since my fulfillment partner is receiving their information from the company handling the freight from the manufacturer to their warehouse, I've asked them to gather clarification on why it was supposedly in port on August 25th -- but now it's expected on the 10th. 

So, my apologies that I provided misinformation. 

As I receive more relevant information about the situation, I'll pass it along here (and hope that the information is more valid than before).


Christian Shelton

Founder, Sheltonshire Games

Tagged with: kickstarter shipping

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