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Shipping Update

  • by Christian Shelton

Shipping Update

In the last update, we discovered September 10th was the new date by which Skate: The Card Game was expected to arrive at port. I've waited very eagerly for an update from Gamerati, my fulfillment partner.

Now Joey, my contact from Gamerati, just received this information from ARC Global Logistics Inc. today:

Basically, Skate: The Card Game has actually been at port since we were first informed, but we just can't access it yet and have to wait in these massive queues before anything can actually get delivered. 

He also informed me that he has around 5 projects at the port right now -- and they have a few which have been sitting there for a good week or two.   

It's all a waiting game for now, but I'll keep you posted as soon as I receive more updates. 

S:TCG Survey

Despite shipping delays, I am still moving forward with the future of Skate: The Card Game in the form of expansions (and more...). As such, I created THIS SURVEY to gauge backer interest!

I was hoping that the game would be out by now so that you could have more experience with the base game -- but it'll be a fun way to see where your interests lie!

You'll also receive a $5 credit toward my next Kickstarter campaign. Looking forward to your feedback! 

Until next time,  

Christian Shelton  

Founder, Sheltonshire Games

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